Reefer Service

We specialize in temperature controlled shipments between Toronto, Ontario and primarily the north east United States.

We offer daily service to Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We also service New York City including Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

Our reefer service also includes Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Logansport.

We service the Toronto to Montreal corridor through to  eastern Canada as well as offering bi-weekly service to western Canada including Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Our reefers can meet any of your temperature requirements. Whether you need frozen, fresh, ambient or room temperature, we can meet your needs.

Our service includes both truckload and LTL (less than truckload)

Whether your shipment is one skid of candy, 6 pallets of fresh strawberries , 500 pots of flowers, 40,000 lbs of chilled beef or a truck load of frozen bread you can rely on Reefer Xpress Lines for all of your transportation needs.


We have over 10,000 square feet of warehouse space available for short term storage and cross docking



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